Stone Crab 14.10 oz. 
With radish tartar and lemon.

Alaskan King Crab 14.10 oz.
With radish tartar and lemon.

Giant Chocolate Crab 6 pcs
Served with lemon, lime and mignonette sauce.


Kumamoto | Costa Este | Costa Oeste

· Mignonette sauce and lime

· Bloody Mary sauce. celery, Vodka, spicy salsa and parsley.
· coconut sauce and avocado, cucumber and coriander.

· Spicy Italian sausage, bacon, chipotle, fine herb butter, bread crumbs and parmesan.
· Sriracha butter and bread crumbs with fine herbs.
· Kimchi, bread crumbs with fine herbs and chives..



With kiwi, mango, tomato, coriander, red onion, jalapeño chile, serrano chile and olive oil.
Fish Mixed

With avocado, tomato, coriander, red onion, lime, habanero chile and olive oil.
Fish Mixed

With orange juice, olives, european cucumber, avocado, lime, tomato, coriander, onion, jalapeño chile and olive oil.
Fish Mixed

With mixed sauce (ketchup, shrimp stock, Búfalo sauce, orange juice, lime, Worcestershire sauce and tomato juice), avocado, tomato, onion and coriander.

Shrimp Cocktail 5.3 oz. 
Prepared with cocktail sauce, avocado and european cucumber

La Viga Cocktail 
Octopus, shrimp, oyster or mixed. Prepared with cocktail sauce, avocado, onion, tomato, lime and coriander.
Small 150 g
Large 180

Small 150 g
Large 180 g

Small 150 g
Large 180 g

Small 150 g
Large 180 g

Camarones Shrimp 7 oz
Cooked in a chiles secos base. Served with cocktail sauce, garlic with ginger, lime, parsley and romaine lettuce.

Cantinera Tuna Tartar 4.2 oz.
Yellowfin tuna with white and black sesame seed, ponzu sauce, tres chiles oil, avocado, european cucumber, carrot and fried leek.

Aguachiles 5.3 oz. 
With cucumber, avocado, red onion, serrano chile, coriander and aguachile sauce.

Scallops Rasurado 
With onion, coriander, serrano chile, lime, olive oil, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and ponzu.

Tuna Carpaccio 5.3 oz
With radish, basil, celery, lemon, coriander, zataar, salt flakes and olive oil.


Yellowfin Tuna 4.2 oz
With european cucumber, serrano chile, avocado, radish, white sesame seed, orange slices and sesame dressing.

Hamachi 4.2 oz.
With serrano chile, cherry tomato, european cucumber, chives, amaranth sprouts, coriander, sesame seeds, radish, avocado and sweet & sour vinaigrette.

Mixed 4.2 oz
With european cucumber, serrano chile, avocado, radish, sesame seed, orange slices, cherry tomato, coriander and ponzu sauce.



Octopus 2.8 oz. 
With tomato, red onion, oregano, chipotle mayonnaise, avocado and lime.

Tuna 2.8 oz 
Tuna slice, chipotle mayonnaise and coriander soy, candied onion, coriander and avocado.

Marlin 3.1 oz
With avocado, chiles toreados mayonnaise and coriander.

Shrimp 2.8 oz
With red onion, fresh oregano, coriander, tomato, olive oil, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise.

Minilla 3.1 oz
With habanero vinaigrette, avocado, coriander and chipotle mayonnaise.


Served with corn tortilla chips, coriander and roasted lime.

Crispy Grilled Octopus 5.3 oz.
Served with potato, cherry tomato and roasted lime, red onion, oregano and olive oil.

‘A la Piedra’ Tuna 4.2 o 120 g (to roast table side)
Tuna slices with garlic-ginger dressing.

Shrimp and Marlin Toritos
Banana peppers filled with seasoned shrimp and marlin; with seasoning, lime and Worcestershire sauce. Served with Mexican sauce, pineapple and orange slices.

Dirty Octopus Carnitas 5.3 oz
Griddled, with recado negro, white rice, avocado and chives.

Arriero Tuna 7 oz
Crispy tuna slice seasoned with jalapeño, orange juice, lime and coriander. With guacamole, serrano chile and cilantro.

Pretzel Calamari 12.3 oz. 
Breaded with crushed pretzels, served with lime and marinara sauce.

Rockefeller Oysters 6 pcs. 
East Coast, on their shells with sautéed spinach, cream and bacon; with melted mozzarella cheese 2.1 oz.

Pita bread, Manchego and Chihuahua cheeses, with coleslaw and avocado. Served with guacamole style salsa, de árbol chile sauce and pickled red onion.
Shrimp 2.5 oz
Octopus 2.5 oz.
Marlin 2.5 oz.

Crab Cake
With habanero tartar, carrot and beetroot

Melted Cheese 
Manchego 2.6 oz., Chihuahua 2.6 oz., onion sautéed with red wine, epazote and fried serrano chile.

With Spicy Shrimp 2.8 oz.

With Tuna Sausage 2.8 oz.


Served with coleslaw, lime and spicy green salsa. Per piece

School Shark Tomatoe, epazote and onion.

Octopus Epazote and onion.

Shrimp Epazote, onion and chipotle.


Corn Tortilla

Marinated Shrimp 4.2 oz.
With coleslaw, lime, coriander and avocado. Served with garlic mayonnaise and guacamole style salsa.

Zarandeado Fish Tacos 4.2 oz. 
With refried bayo beans, guajillo chile marinade, coleslaw and coriander. Served with garlic mayonnaise and guacamole style salsa

Smoked Marlin Tacos 4.2 oz
Con chicharrón de queso Monterrey Jack y cilantro. Acompañados con mayonesa de chiles toreados y salsa mexicana

‘Al Pastor’ Fish Tacos 4.2 oz
Seasoned in achiote with coriander and roasted pineapple cubes. Served with guacamole style salsa and roasted pineapple dressing with mayonnaise.

Baja Style Fish Taco 4.2 oz.
Grouper fish in tempura sauce, coleslaw and coriander. Served with garlic mayonnaise.

Minilla Tacos 4.2 oz. 
Minilla sautéed with habanero vinaigrette, avocado and coriander. Served with garlic mayonnaise and lime.


Flour Tortilla


Dijon Lobster Crackling Tacos 4.2 oz. 
With whole black beans, coleslaw, avocado and coriander. Seasoned with chipotle mayonnaise and guacamole style salsa.

Fish Chilorio Tacos 4.2 oz. 
Roasted grouper fish with chilorio marinade, tomato, avocado and coriander. Served with garlic mayonnaise and lime.



Clam Chowder
With clam meat chunks, potato, bacon, celery, corn, Tabasco sauce and Worchestershire sauce, carrot and shellfish stock. Served with puffed crackers.

Lobster Bisque 1.7 oz.
Sprinkled with parsley.

Crab Chilpachole 4.2 oz. 
With pasilla and guajillo chiles, tomato, shellfish stock and corn dough. Served with coriander, onion and lime.

Sea Caldo Tlalpeño
With shrimp 1.7 oz., octopus 1.7 oz., prawns 2.8 oz., black mussels 1.7 oz., clams 2.6 oz., white rice, potato, carrot and avocado


Traditional Caesar (prepared table side)
Lettuce, croutons, parmesan 0.88 oz. and dressing (olive oil, anchovies, mayonnaise, mustard, lime and pepper).

Fred’s Salad
Mix of lettuce leaves, carrots, red bell pepper, pecan nuts with cranberries, mango-lychee dressing with cream cheese and goat cheese spheres breaded with pistachio

With grilled shrimp 3.5 oz.

arrilla 100 g


Fish’n Chips 6.3 oz
Grouper slice battered with tempura pasta served with tartar sauce, French fries, malt vinaigrette, mango-pineapple sauce and lime-habanero.

Chipotle Shrimp 7 oz.
16/20, sautéed with marinara sauce, cream and seasoned chipotle chile. Served with white rice, avocado and mayonnaise.

Tequila Shrimp 7 oz.
16/20, sautéed with shallots, tomato, chives, cream, agave honey, aged tequila and avocado. Served with roasted esquites. Flamed with tequila table side.

Flamed Crispycoconut Shrimp 7oz
Covered with grated coconut and on top of a half coconut stuffed with pinneaple-honey, coriander and lime. Served with ginger dressing and habanero-pineapple sauce. Flamed with rum table side.

Mojito Calamari 14.1 oz
Seasoned with milk and beer, sautéed with parsley, crushed chile, rum and panko-sprinkled.

Fish Tampiqueña 7 oz. 
Griddled. Served with charro beans, guacamole, red rice and two enchiladas stuffed with shrimp, cream and canasto cheese.



With Fred’s seasoning. Served with roasted corn, clarified butter and lime.

Garlic Mojo
With Fred’s seasoning, roasted with butter with garlic mojo and sprinkled with parsley. Served with roasted corn and lime.

Sautéed with butter, mushrooms, brandy and parsley. With cheese Bechamel sauce and melted mozzarella. Served with roasted corn and lime.

Roasted, served with flour tortillas, avocado, Mexican sauce, red rice and clarified butter.

Seasoned with achiote sauce and grilled with epazote scent. Served with roasted avocado, roasted habanero, chiltomate sauce and black beans.

Cooked with white wine, beer, butter, laurel, thyme and lime. With Fred’s seasoning, served with roasted corn and lime.

Au Gratin
Flamed with brandy, cooked with cream, garlic and lime juice. With baked Manchego and Chihuahua cheeses. Accompanied by roasted corn and lime.



Meneado Rice with Octopus and Shrimp Barbecue
Steamed shrimp 2.9 oz. and octopus 2.9 oz.; prepared with white wine, garlic butter, guajillo chile and lime.

Scallops Risotto 2.6 oz. g
With shellfish stock, red bell pepper, king oyster mushrooms, asparagus, parmesan, white truffle oil, clam juice and white wine

Smoked Paella (for two persons)
Rice with saffron, bell pepper, peas, green beans, tomato, grouper slice 2.5 oz., shrimp 3.1 oz., octopus 2.8 oz., stone crab 3.1 oz., black mussels 3.5 oz., clam 3.5 oz., calamari 3.5 oz., chicken breast 2.1 oz. and pork leg 2.1 oz.

Stuffed Lumaconi Pasta
With ricotta cheese and spinach covered with epazote Beurre blanc, bathed with marinara sauce with smoked fresh oyster meat 1.7 oz.

Mollusks Fettuccini 
Black mussels 1.7 oz., clam 2.6 oz., shrimp 2.1 oz., prawns 2.8 oz. and octopus 1.7 oz., sautéed with poached tomatoes flamed with vodka. Served with marinara sauce, grana padano cheese and grated lemon. Accompanied by garlic bread.

Salmon Poke Bowl 5.3 oz. 
With white quinoa, cucumber, radish, avocado and ponzu sauce. Served with chipotle mayonnaise.

Tuna Poke Bowl 5.3 oz. 
With white quinoa, orange slices, avocado, ponzu sauce, carrot, sesame seed and radish sprouts. Served with coriander-soy mayonnaise.


Carbonero Shrimp 7.9 oz. 
Grilled, brushed with sausage marinade. Served with roasted lime and corn.

Papa Octopus 9.1 oz
Grilled colossal octopus. Accompanied by bone marrow baked with chile de árbol and epazote. Served with roasted tomato and corn.

Seafood Platter
Grill with prawns 4.9 oz., octopus 5.3 oz., Caribbean lobster tail 7.9 oz., u8 scallops 3.8 oz., and Alaskan king crab 3.8 oz. Served with vegetable skewer (zucchini, serrano chile, red onion and lemon), clarified butter and roasted lime.

BBQ Prawns 9.8 oz. 
Candied on the grill with chipotle BBQ sauce. Served with roasted corn.

Dried Chiles-Crusted Fish Fillet 8.5 oz
Encrusted with a mixture of Dijon, pasilla chile, dried chipotle and morita chile. Baked with white wine and served with steamed rice and grilled avocado

Grouper Fish Fillet – to taste 8.5 oz. 

Garlic Mojo 
Served with roasted corn.

Salmon 10 oz. 
Tuna Steak 9.9 oz.
Chilean Sea Bass 8.8 oz
Served with esquites or roasted corn.

Grilled Prawns 9.9 oz.
Covered with fine herbs-bread crumbles. Served with parsley oil, garlic mayonnaise and sausage marinade.

Alaskan King Crab 14.10 oz. 
With ponzu butter and curry-paprika mayonnaise. Served with lime.

Rib Eye 12 oz
Mignon Fillet 7.9 oz.

With Montreal Steak seasoning and accompanied by a sherry sauce, served with esquites or roasted corn.



Whole fish seasoned with lime; served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and cucumber. Accompanied by aguachile sauce.

Butterfly fillet seasoned with zarandeada sauce and guajillo chile marinade. With roasted tomato, corn and lime.

Butterfly fillet seasoned with lime sauce. With roasted tomato and corn.

Butterfly fillet seasoned with garlic butter. With roasted tomato, corn and lime.

A la Talla
Butterfly fillet seasoned with talla sauce and parsley. Served with roasted tomato, corn and lime.

Tikin Xik
Butterfly fillet seasoned with achiote sauce. Grilled with epazote, served with roasted bell pepper, red onion and tomato