Panko-crusted with sugar and cinnamon, served
with caramel, crème anglaise and strawberry

New York Cheesecake
Served with strawberries, raspberries and
blackberries, topped with red fruits sauce.

Three Chocolates Cake
Served with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries,
chocolate syrup and crème anglaise.

Apple Pizzetta
Puff pastry base, custard with cream cheese, yellow
apple, pecan nuts and caramel sauce. Served with
vanilla ice cream.

Key Lime Pie
With cream cheese and lime. Served with Italian
meringue, blueberries sauce, whipped cream, cookie
dust and hazelnut cracker.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
Gluten Free. Praline base, semi-sweet chocolate and
cereal. Dark chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, icing
sugar and red fruits.

Dulce de Leche Soufflé
Served with vanilla ice cream, raspberries,
blackberries and dulce de leche sauce.

Ice Cream
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Strawberry
• Dulce de Leche

• Lime
• Mango
• Raspberry