Enjoy your evening while we take care of
the most important thing, your children.

  • A place created for your little ones, where they can let their imagination fly.
  • A space that allows mom and dad to enjoy their evening without worrying, since we take care of what you love the most.
  • Friendly environmet perfect for your kids to play and make new Friends

How can I be part of the club?

The most important thing for us are our guests, regardless of their age, so we created an unparalleled space for your children where they can have fun and learn while you enjoy a great dining experience at the best seafood restaurant in Cancun. Children from 2 to 11 years old are welcome to join Freddie’s club.


Visit us and discover why Freddie’s
will be your new favorite place!

Safe and monitored space.
Trained staff to take care of your children.
Educational and fun activities for all kids.