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Must-try Gluten Free Seafood Dishes in Cancun

Must-try Gluten Free Seafood Dishes in Cancun 1024 536 Fred's House Cancun

If you’re in Cancun and you’re craving for a delicious seafood dine-out that goes well with your gluten-free diet, Fred’s House brings you awesome gluten-free dishes you will love.

When it comes to choosing gluten-free dining-out menu options, the real challenge is to find a truly good and memorable dish.

Nestled in Cancun there is restaurant that offers wonderful seafood dishes especially designed with the gluten free diet-conscious diner in mind.

The term gluten free has recently become more and more notorious. It refers to foods that are free of a protein compound contained exclusively in the flour of certain grains, which in some people with a particular sensitivity may cause a range of symptoms and digestive discomforts. As a result, everyday there’s more people following gluten-free diets because of their anti-inflammatory benefits.

However, despite the recent growing popularity of the term, it is still difficult to find good options of dishes especially designed for this type of diet, or at least it’s hard to see them clearly identified inside of restaurant menus.

If you are in Cancun, you have a tooth for seafood and need an option that goes well with your gluten-free diet, 
Fred’s House offers you different choices you will see clearly indicated in our menu.

Here are the top gluten-free seafood dishes according to our guests:

    Ponzu butter, paprika, curry mayonnaise
    comer cangrejo en cancun
    Garlic butter
    Shallots, agave honey. Flamed with rum tableside
    seafood in cancun
    Marinated with axiote
    Radish, basil, celery, cilantro, zaatar, olive oil
    gluten free diet


Did they grab your taste buds as well as your imagination? Come to Fred’s House, the best seafood restaurant in Cancun hotel zone, and find the best options for you to enjoy.

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