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Delight your senses with the best mezcals in the market

Delight your senses with the best mezcals in the market

Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage derived from the agave plant that has gained popularity in recent years due to its distinctive flavor and the culture surrounding it. Here, we present some of the most prominent types of mezcals that you can find in the market.

Joven: It is fresh and vibrant, with herbal and fruity notes that will delight your senses.

Reposado: This type of mezcal spends a certain amount of time in oak barrels, which imparts smooth flavors and subtle touches of wood.

Añejo: Known for maturing for several years in oak barrels, it develops a complexity of flavors that include notes of caramel, vanilla, and spices.

Ensamble: These mezcals are made from different varieties of agave, resulting in unique and complex flavor profiles.

When it comes to enjoying this exotic spirit, the best option is to visit a specialized venue that offers a wide selection of the finest mezcals on the market.

At Fred’s, you can explore the diversity of mezcal flavors guided by our knowledgeable staff, alongside an unforgettable gastronomic experience at the best seafood restaurant in Cancun. Don’t wait any longer, make your reservation now!

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