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Eating fish and seafood reduces the risk of skin cancer

The best health-care allies always come from nature. The fish and seafood, in addition to
their great benefits, are delicious.

Cancun is a destination like no other, its white sand beaches and the lot of options to have
a good time make this place a very special, not only for travelers from all over the world
who visit this destination, but also for the people who lives there..

And, if it’s eating in Cancun, there’s no way to try a delicious seafood, but did you know
that eating seafood also has other benefits?

That’s right, one of the greatest benefits of eating the delicious seafood is to help combat
the harmful effects of the sun burn on the skin. There is no doubt that the nature is wise
and along with evil has sent us the remedy.

Eating in Cancun is delicious and healthy!

If you are looking for where to eat in Cancun, do not hesitate to taste a delicious dish of
seafood, as you will be giving your body a great benefit. If you want to know more, read

Did you know that eating seafood helps you fight skin cancer?

Experts say eating fish can help keep your skin protected from strong, dangerous sun rays,
which can cause cancer.

Most melanomas, which are the most serious type of skin cancer, are closely linked to
prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds. While sunscreens are the best way to
protect your skin against skin cancer, an expert said that what you eat can reduce your
chances of harm and develop a potentially lethal disease. Nutrition experts say that eating
fish, especially those species that contain more oils, is one of the best ways to protect
your skin from the risk of getting cancer.

Sunburn occurs when the skin is over-exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV light
generates free radicals, particles that attack skin cells, causing irreparable damage. Free
radicals are atoms with an unequal number of electrons, which, when formed within the
human body, they steal electrons from healthy cells such as skin cells. This can cause a
harmful chain reaction. Skin aging can be largely due to the effect of UV rays on the skin,
due to the ability of UV rays to reduce collagen production and damage elastic fibers that
help give the skin its strength and elasticity.

Fatty fish such as salmon and fresh tuna can help feed the skin with the essential omega-3
fatty acids, which are super important in keep it lubricate and flexible. While it’s true that
the sun provides vitamin D to the body, the risk of getting skin cancer from prolonged
exposure to the sun outweighs this benefit.

Selenium, a mineral found in fish and seafood, may help reduce the risk of certain

The results of a recent study point to a new Discovery in favor of eating fish and seafood,
as adding them to the diet can help protect against skin tumors.

Selenium is closely linked to a decreased risk of cancer, and seafood are rich source of this

Based on evidence from epidemiological and clinic studies, selenium is beginning to be
consider a good nutrient that can help fight cancer. These findings could be explained by
the role this mineral plays in the structure and function of key enzymes in the immune
system, although the anti-cancer mechanisms of selenium are not yet entirely clear.
Selenium is an integral part of dozens of selene-proteins in the body, including antioxidant
enzymes critical to relevant immune functions. Several large-scale epidemiological studies
have linked selenium to lower cancer rates.

Seafood is rich in selenium. Marine algae (Seaweed) and other aquatic flora absorb
selenium and transmit it through the food chain to fish and seafood.

The seafood products that are considered a major source of this mineral are: sardines,
cod, salmon, king crab, shrimp, prawns, oysters.

In addition, these seafood products are also known to be high in vitamin D and Omega 3, a
dynamic duo when it comes to helping the immune system.

So, if you were thinking of eating a delicious plate of seafood in Cancun, don’t stop!

At Fred’s House we have a selection of delicious dishes that will do you a lot of good to
counteract the negative effects of the sun on your skin.

Try Alaskan King Crab with radish and lemon tartar or grilled with ponzu butter and curry
and paprika mayonnaise; some fresh or grilled oysters; some BBQ charcoal prawns, grilled
caramelized with chipotle BBQ sauce. Served with roasted yellow corn; a Yucatec shrimp
ceviche; or a drunken lobster, cooked with white wine, light beer, butter and lemon,
prepared with Fred’s seasoning and accompanied with roasted yellow corn and lemon,
simply exquisite.

Or if you want to try everything a Little, we recommend the Seafood Platter which
includes prawns, octopus, Caribbean lobster tail, scallops U-8, Alaskan King Crab,
accompanied with vegetable skewer (Italian pumpkin, serrano pepper, red onion and
yellow lemon), clarified butter and roasted lemon.

Did you feel like it? We’re waiting for you!


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