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Fish and seafood: The secret of a good shrimp cocktail.

Discover the ideal place to eat in Cancun the best cocktail and the best seafood surrounded by a relaxed and casual atmosphere, just perfect.

The shrimp cocktail is the king of seafood. We have all tried them, but there are good shrimp cocktails and others not so much. What is it that makes these cocktails so good that they leave us with a great smile and the feeling that we take the ocean breeze with us?

Is there a secret to have a good shrimp cocktail?

In Fred’s, the favorite seafood restaurant in Cancun, we have decided to give you some clues about the secret of this classic of coastal cuisine.

  • High quality ingredients.

Something that will always make the difference is the use of the high quality ingredients available. When it comes to shrimp, it is essential to get the size you are looking for and good origin.

To understand how the system that measures shrimp sizes works, we explain a little about it:

In the shellfish industry it is customary to categorize shrimp by the number of shrimp per pound; For example, when we refer to shrimp size 26/30 we are saying that in each pound of shrimp of that size they fit 26 to 30 pieces.

Usually the shrimp cocktail takes small shrimp, although there are larger pieces. We like to entertain our guests with U12 shrimp, which are considered Jumbo, so those are the ones we use in most of our shrimp preparations; however, it is always recommended to ask your waiter what size shrimp your dish has, in case the menu does not specify it.

In any recipe to prepare shrimp cocktail, the protagonist is -of course- the shrimp. For a shrimp to be succulent and its meat to be soft on the palate, it is imperative that proper cooking methods are employed.

An overcooked shrimp loses its flavor and ideal consistency; on the contrary, a shrimp that was not cooked enough is extremely dangerous. So, the cooking of the shrimp is a base point.

To get the best texture, experts usually cook the shrimp with its shell. This not only helps to obtain a silky texture, but also brings much better flavor.

Another thing to consider when cooking shrimp is that they continue cooking once removed from the heat source, so they must be removed from the fire or boiling water a little before they reach the point. There are those who recommend putting them with ice water to stop the cooking process, others say that if you do it you lose a bit of flavor, so that is up to the cook.

  • The secret is in the sauce.

There is a classic or standard sauce to accompany the shrimp cocktails, although this has certain variations that give the particular touch of each person.

If you are looking for a good shrimp cocktail in Cancun, you will see that there are plenty of options available throughout the city and in the hotel zone, but as restaurant options vary, the taste also varies.

Fred’s House Seafood & Oyster Bar is the best place to eat in Cancun, precisely because we take care of every detail to turn your culinary experience into something extraordinary.

Our recipe for salsa is epic and if you combine it with our spectacular views of the Nichupté lagoon, your cocktail will taste simply delicious.

Generally the cocktail sauce is a mixture of tomato sauce or ketchup, with a special preparation a bit sour, which is complemented with a little lemon or orange juice.

That preparation in some places is known as witch sauce, and is perfect for seasoning and marinating seafood, especially seafood. Its base consists of vinegar flavored with a mixture of chilies, onions and carrots, very similar to the famous Mexican “escabeche”, but adding some spices that work perfectly and make true magic when combined with seafood.

Pepper, ‘chile de árbol or guajillo chili’ -or both, if you dare-, garlic, bay leaf, oregano, clove, cumin, thyme, rosemary and onion, are some of the ingredients that can be used to make this preparation, although the ingredients vary depending on the region and the personal taste of the chef.

Now, by combining this preparation with a little bit of ketchup, you have a super exquisite sauce for your cocktail.

More ingredients can be added to that sauce to make it even more delicious. It is customary to add tomato, avocado either in slices or cubes, cilantro, cucumber and celery, but these ingredients also vary depending on taste.

The onion used can be purple, which is more common in this region, in addition to providing a very special flavor, fresher than white onion, which has a much more intense flavor, so purple is perfect for a cocktail .

And finally, some people like to additionally spice the cocktail, either with pepper, chili, lemon or any other ingredient to taste.

  • A unique cocktail and the best sunsets.

Now that you know some of our secrets to offer a cocktail like no other, we tell you that preparation is not everything, the success of a good seafood cocktail is to enjoy it at the right place and at the right time. And that is precisely what distinguishes us, because we are the perfect place for those who seek a relaxed and casual culinary experience with the best specialties of sea food.

Our location and atmosphere make us the ideal place to enjoy a balanced mix of flavors framed by the most spectacular sunsets in Cancun.

As you can see, Fred’s allows you to enjoy the best flavor and the best ingredients of the sea, in the midst of a pleasant atmosphere that will make you feel at home while you let yourself immerse in that feeling that only an authentic port restaurant can offer you.

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