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Do you know what a Raw Bar is?

Do you know what a Raw Bar is?

You’ve probably heard the term or been in one. When we talk about a Raw Bar (or Fresh Bar) we are talking about a bar that generally serves raw seafood and oysters, although sometimes it is a whole section of a restaurant or even a restaurant itself.

Generally a Raw Bar offers a variety of raw and cooked seafood products that are served cold, although you can also find other seafood dishes with slightly different preparations, in addition to other foods that may not be seafood.

Some Raw Bars also offer accompaniments, including alcoholic beverages and cocktails, some have special options of wine bottles or even sake to find the perfect pairing. Other accompaniments include condiments, different types of sauces and citrus fruits.

If you are in Cancun and you want to know one of the most complete and emblematic Raw Bars of the hotel zone, we have good news for you.

Fred’s House Seafood & Raw Bar is one of the best restaurants in Cancun where you can enjoy the experience of a Raw Bar, in addition to different hot dishes in the menu, including the most delicious specialties of Mexican and Latin American seafood and a variety of lobsters, delicious desserts and a mixology tailored to their gastronomic proposal.

The service at Fred’s House is always painstaking and seeks to make your stay pleasant, and the atmosphere will surprise you by how relaxed and warm it is perceived, in addition to the stunning views from its terrace and villas.

Fred’s Hose Raw Bar

These are some of the dishes you can find at Fred’s Raw Bar:

  • Stone Crab Hands
  • Alaskan King Crab
  • Giant Chocolate Clam
  • Oysters
  • Different Ceviches, Cocktails and Tiraditos

What do you think? Did you feel like it?

Then we’ll wait for you at Fred’s House!

Fred’s is the place to be at Cancun Hotel Zone, great seafood, artisan-made mixology and a unique and friendly service


Overlooking the lagoon, at the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, FRED’S Seafood & Raw Bar belongs to the largest and most successful from Grupo Anderson’s.