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Top 3: The most sexy and original drinks in Cancun

Are you looking for something fresh and original to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean climate? The best way to live the hot weather in Cancun is some cool and fun drinks, and better if they come with a refreshing ice lollipop.

Meet our new Pop Drinks; fun and refreshing cocktails that are accompanied by your favorite lollipops, which give it the sweet and daring touch that we like so much.

Enjoy them and have fun with this explosion of flavors. Get to know them!

1. Frutos Rojos

A drink prepared with gin accompanied by yellow lemon juice, cinchona water and a red fruit ice lollipop. You’ll love it!

2. Maracuyá

Prepared with gin, accompanied by yellow lemon juice, cinchona water and a passion fruit ice lollipop. Top choice!

3. Bellini Pop

With a unique and different presentation, prepared with prosecco accompanied by a peach ice lollipop. Very refreshing!

We’re sure your mouth watered with our new Pop Drinks. Think no more!

Come to Fred’s House to try them and see why we’re the best place to have drinks in Cancun.

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