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Top 5 cocktails for this quarantine



In this hot quarantine the perfect drink is a refreshing cocktail and today we want to show you the best drinks so that you can enjoy this confinement as only you know how to do.


Refresh yourself with these drinks


We love cocktails and we know that this season they are the only thing you want, so the following cocktails are your favorites and the best thing is that they are easy to make and perfect to take a break and relax.


  • Cuban Mojito: This simple drink is a MUST on these dates, you just need a white rum, mineral water, delicious peppermint, lime and lots of ice to make it perfect for these hot days.


  • Sangría: If you feel like something more fruitful, sangria is definitely the option, you just need your favorite red wine, peaches, orange, apple, lemon, cinnamon and of course an orange soda.


  • Margarita: Definitely the favorite for this season, you can make it with the tequila of your choice, Cointreau liqueur, lemon and the most important ingredient crushed ice so that it is cold as you like.


  • Piña colada: This is a drink that can never be missed, apart from being very easy to make since you only need rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream and that’s it, perfect, to give us that beach flavor that we so badly need.


  • Strawberry Daiquiri: You can do it to your liking, but in this case it is strawberries, white rum and lemon, it is a delicious drink to be at home enjoying it while you have that relaxing moment.


We hope you can enjoy these cocktails as much as we do and of course at home so that later we can see each other and prepare many more.

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