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How to celebrate Children’s Day in Quarantine

This year we will have a children’s day a little different due to the situation that is being experienced worldwide, but it is very important that the little ones of the house continue having that celebration that they like so much and more importantly have fun.

Today we will show you some dishes that you can do on Children’s Day to complete your celebration, so that you can make a very special meal.

Fun little dishes

Since now the children can not even go to the parks, it is time to distract them and have fun with them a little more, so that the children have a little more fun, make these dishes as a family:

– Teddy bear hot cakes: For the dishes to be fun for those little ones, it is best to make them in a way that they like, the Hot Cakes are always a delicious option and apart from the children they love it, if you have any mold to make hot cakes with a figure this is the time to use it, but if you do not have it you do not have to worry because teddy bear is very easy to make, since you only make a normal hot cake and then make two smaller ones, which you will use as the ears , and with honey, cajeta, nutella or whatever you like to eat hot cakes, put your eyes in your nose and mouth. Ready to eat!

– The Lion King: Their favorite movie on their plate, you can make it from this movie or from the one that they like the most, to make this dish they will have to get their artistic part, you will only need pasta and ground meat, it is very important that you do not Put it even, because you will have to put the pasta in the middle of the plate in the shape of a circle and the ground meat surrounding the pasta to give the effect of its mane, the eyes and root you can do it with an ingredient that you like, for example ketchup .

– Frozen Snack: As they, like us, like to snack, you can inter make a delicious and healthy snack just by putting yogurt, granola and strawberry in cupcake containers, freezes for a while and they are very very rich.

– Funny sandwiches: You can create a whole scene with a simple sandwich, making it completely entertaining for dinner time, for example: you can make a pirate-shaped sandwich, and put a few pepperoni around it to make it look like they are in the sea , the imagination of your little one will be your accomplice in this meal.

Try to make these simple dishes on Children’s Day so that those children of the house are entertained and use their imagination even in food. Happy day to all those kids!

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