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Trendiest Holy week drinks

Most of us love the occasional drink from time to time and we tend to crave them more during holidays, this is why we present Fred’s House TOP 5 drinks.

Fred’s mixology menu is refreshing and original, it was very difficult to choose just 5, but after much thought we found the ones that will become your favorite.

– Sweet Blossom: Gin please! This fresh drink is a mix of Bombay Sapphire, with raspberries, grapefruit juice, lychee and basil.

– Ginger Mojito: Perfect for the holidays, as its name says, it is accompanied by ginger, lemon, mint and clear mineral water with a touch of rum that is not lacking.

– Passion fruit: From the “POP Drinks” section of our menu, nothing better than this gin with lemon juice and a passion fruit ice pop!

– Red fruits: straight from our Pop drinks section, we bring you one more option, which you will not want to miss, since its Gin accompanied by a fresh lemon juice, quinine and clear water …  plus a red berry popsicle! Both a drink and a snack.

Finally, there’s Fred’s Martini, one of our specialties, extremely delicious and refreshing, with a touch of jalapeño and vodka juice cucumber and of course a delicious. Certainly, a crowd pleaser.

So, make your list of what is it you would like to try once the quarenteen is over.


Fred’s is the place to be at Cancun Hotel Zone, great seafood, artisan-made mixology and a unique and friendly service


Overlooking the lagoon, at the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, FRED’S Seafood & Raw Bar belongs to the largest and most successful from Grupo Anderson’s.