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Easter activities at home

For these days that we spend at home and we no longer know what else to do with our family, we bring you some options of activities that you can do with your family to have days full of fun and you can celebrate Easter as they deserve.

Easter has never been so much fun …

– The artists: In this activity you will cook with your family breakfast and also will be artists at the same time, grab the eggs to make breakfast at home, when breaking them do it carefully so that only the part under the egg breaks and so the egg is not destroyed, then rinse the inside of the egg, again very carefully and put them to dry while you eat breakfast. When you finish breakfast, take out your paintings or whatever you like to decorate the egg as a family.

– Detectives: This activity is connected to the activity before, “The artists”, after you and your family finish decorating the eggs, hide them around the house and leave them clues and they have to find them.

– The chefs: Here you will cook with your family! In this activity, we have to make some delicious cookies with the shape of eggs and when the cookies are done, decorate them with vegetable paint and then eat them.

– Sculptors: Each one grab a piece of modeling clay and make their Easter eggs and rabbits, we never know, maybe there is a sculptor at home.

– Coloring together: After a long day relax coloring, print Easter coloring pictures, and voila. Let’s do it!

Finally, we invite you to a craft activity for children at home that we will carry out from the account of Grupo Anderson´s so that you and your little ones do not get bored and that on these special days that we are all living what they can live full of love, happiness and fun.

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