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Raw Bar: Myths and Facts about this delicious seafood

Do you already know a Raw Bar? Most likely, yes and you have not noticed, since we are talking about a bar that serves raw and cooked seafood that is served cold and Fred’s House Seafood & Raw Bar is one of the restaurants in Cancun where one of the best seafood bars is located.

We have always been told that seafood is one of the best foods we should consume, is that true? Here we will tell you about the myths and truths about what they say about seafood and we will discover that it is true or not.

TOP 5 Myths and truths …

It’s good to eat clams

Truth, clams have a high content of vitamin B12, protein and calcium, they help us prevent anemia and food aging, so come for some clams you already saw that they are very good.

Seafood makes you fat

Myth, since it does not have much caloric intake and its fats are unsaturated.

Here you will not break the diet!

Seafood is an aphrodisiac

Truth, since, like oysters, shrimp, mussels and clams, they stimulate hormonal function thanks to their high protein content.

It is good to eat heads

Myth, cholesterol is found in the heads, cadmium accumulates and some additives, we recommend that you better leave that shrimp heads in your dish.

Oysters relieve hangovers

Reality, since it contains a large amount of zinc. So, if the day before you had a night full of fun, you know what food will take away that hangover that bothers you so much.

Now that you know a little more about seafood and you saw that it has all those benefits, don’t hesitate to come to the best Raw Bar in Cancun, Fred’s House, where they have the best experience, drinks, and seafood .

See you soon!

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