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How not to break the diet in this quarantine

Due to the coronavirus we have to be in our homes to prevent this from spreading but being locked up for so long can cause us a little anxiety and it sounds more and more tempting to break that diet that we have done with so much effort.

We know that it is very difficult to have that willpower not to choose those chips or cookies that we love, but we found some easy, delicious and more important, healthy snacks, so that you fulfill that goal that you love so much.

You will love every last crumb …

These four snacks are perfect for any time, they are very healthy, and they manage to maintain our figure in the best way:

  • The crispy thing: This snack does not have much science, but it is a MUST be on a diet or not, it only needs carrots, cucumbers and jicamas, they are perfect to calm anxiety and are very rich in fiber.
  • Bars: Although it is a little more elaborate to make it tastes delicious and is super healthy, in your food processor put 1 cup of oatmeal, ½ of almond cream, ground flaxseed and pieces of dark chocolate, then put it in a container and Let it cool, when it is ready cut it into pieces and voila!
  • Fresh smoothie: Sometimes with this heat we feel a little more cold, and believe me you will not regret trying it, you need orange juice, grapefruit juice, strawberries and apple and of course, a few ice cubes, liquefy it and ready, perfect for being in the pool.
  • Popcorn: Of course, you could not miss some delicious light popcorn to see those series and movies that have us chopped, are super healthy and control hunger.

Of course, a very important factor is always drinking water to stay hydrated and it also helps a lot to calm that feeling of anxiety. For us it is very important that you find the best way to see you soon.

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