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Picnic day at home, delicious option for quarantine

It is already spring and like you we also miss those picnic days on the beach or in the park, but to not miss them anymore we bring you this activity at home for this quarantine.

A special day for you and your family …

This activity can be done with all the members of the house in your garden, balcony, living room, or anywhere you want, you just need to grab a few things from the kitchen, and voila.

But since we are at home we can do it throughout the day, you only need a tablecloth to put it on the floor, an occasional pillow to sit on and of course delicious food, but since we want you to spend an unforgettable day with your family, we bring you different activities for you and your family.

– Morning picnic: If you want to have a little different breakfast this is the option, the first step is to arrange your blanket, the pillows and put a sheet and colors for each one, then make breakfast and enjoy the morning with your family while they have breakfast and They paint a little, which will be a fun and relaxing activity for the children.

– Picnic in the afternoon: A picnic at lunchtime is never a bad idea, and this is no exception, since in addition to eating in a different way, they will play board games and take out that child that we all have inside.

– Picnic at night: Without a doubt my favorite since it is perfect for children or adults, because before or after dinner we all have a little bit of yoga, there are different styles of yoga, beginners or advanced, but everyone they like it and the best thing is that afterwards they can sleep in the best way.

These 3 activities are a little unusual and perhaps a little more elaborate than normal, but what better way to occupy all this time than we have free for the whole family somewhere from the comfort of our home.

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