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One day being vegan, with delicious options

In this quarantine you can try to do those things that you always put for later because you did not have time, we would love you to make those recipes that you always wanted or maybe try new things.

Today we decided to make a vegan day for you, with 5 very easy dishes to make, but more importantly delicious for the whole family, so it’s time to take out that gift you have in the kitchen and get down to business.

You will not want to stop eating …

We know that we feel like eating every so often, and what better than eating healthy these days to take care of your figure and our health, so we bring you 5 meals for your day.


– Acaí bowl: If you have not tried it, it is time to do it now, because this delicious and very quick dish to make, since it is only put in a blender 100 gr of acai pulp, a banana and ¼ of vegetable milk, then When it is liquefied put it in a bowl and add your fruits or seeds to taste and ready.


– Popcorn: Yes, you read correctly, some snack popcorn sounds pretty good, right? Just grab a pot and heat a little vegetable oil, add the corn and then a little coconut sugar until it melts, and wait for those delicious popcorn we love so much.


– Macaroni: Yes, there are vegan macaroons and today you will make some delicious, so it is time to cook that pasta without gluten, and prepare a vegan cheese to your preference, they are very easy to make and they taste delicious and then mix it with your pasta and ready, you have totally healthy macaroni.

Snack 2

– Smoothie: For these hot days this delicious and red drink will save you, you will need half a raw beet, half a cucumber, a lemon, three strawberries and half a raw chayote, a cup of water and ice to taste, liquefy it and ready, it really is delicious.


– Burritos: In this recipe you will need a little of the cheese you made in the meal, since you will cut a pumpkin in half where you will put beans, coriander, corn and jalapeño scrambled and on top a little vegan cheese, the healthiest burritos that you are going Approve.

Being vegan does not mean eating things without flavor, as you could already see there are very rich options and not so out of the ordinary of what you eat in your day to day, we would love for you to try these recipes and give us your opinion about them.

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