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Seafood that you cannot miss in this quarantine

Seafood that you cannot miss in this quarantine

We are having different days than we normally have, and now more than ever we have to stay healthy, and we know that being at home makes us want to eat and eat.

Today we decided that we are going to show you different options of food and snacks from the sea to stay healthy and keep your figure.

Your MUST these days …

– Mussels: Apart from being a good food, it can also be an excellent snack, and best of all, they are very beneficial for your health, since they are rich in potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus and selenium, apart from fighting depression and strengthen the immune system. Is there anything better than this?

– Sardines: Delicious snack, perfect to eliminate hunger and great for your body since they are rich in calcium and vitamins such as B12 that gives joy and balance or B3 that fights cholesterol, and best of all, they are very easy to prepare!

– Salmon: Who doesn’t like salmon? Aside from being delicious, it is one of the most beneficial foods for our body, as we already know it has a great content of Omega 3 that helps to lower high cholesterol levels, apart from its vitamin content.

– Oysters: Another perfect choice of food or snack, and excellent for you, since they are a good source of zinc, omega 3 and rich in iron and of course the most important, delicious!

– Tilapia: This fish is one of the best fish options thanks to its low level of mercury and very rich in protein, perfect for the little ones in the house.

Now you know how to support yourself and your family in the best way in this quarantine, do not hesitate to include this in your diet because we miss you very much and we would love to see you soon with us.

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